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The Balanssage Difference

An Integrated Approach to Physical Functional Treatment

Chronic physical conditions improve faster and more fully when managed by a team of specialized providers.

Unlike traditional methods of treatment, we offer a carefully vetted network of nationwide specialists that are trained to rehabilitate muscle imbalance using this integrated team approach.

Once you’ve chosen your specialists from our network and built your personalized team, the specialists will then work together to implement a custom physical treatment plan for you that will address your needs from every angle.

This balanced and integrated approach to physical functional health is the critical difference between using Balanssage and traditional methods of therapy.

The Balanssage Approach:


You have chronic physical pain (back pain, for example). Download the Balanssage app, create your profile, and build your team of personalized specialists from the provider categories that fit your needs.


Your chronic physical pain is diagnosed, if not already, and the need for pain medication is determined. This will ensure your treatment plan is effective.


If you have chronic back pain, for example, a massage therapist will prescribe a treatment plan using special Balanssage-developed methods. Massage therapy will begin to work the imbalanced back muscles by removing soft tissue restrictions to help restore functional movement.


A physical therapist will also prescribe a physical therapy treatment plan to work in conjunction with the massage therapist. For chronic back pain, physical therapy will work to improve the strength of the weakened muscles in the back. Having the two therapists work together to address an issue will result in overall reduced pain and improved functional movement patterns faster and more fully.
This is the Balanssage difference.


Once pain is reduced and movement is restored, you will be discharged and ongoing methods of physical functional maintenance are prescribed. Methods can include regular massage, physical exercise (like yoga or swimming), or personal training. Regular maintenance will help you to continue doing the things you love, painlessly.